Sports & Games

A healthy mind in a healthy body as the saying goes, our sports Department plays a key role in unkeeping the physical and mental makeup of our students at a high level.

            Right from the inception of our college. The Sports Department of this college has been doing a yeomen service to our students in Physical Education.

            At the outset, good athletes and sports- Persons are identified at various Sports and Games Meet and they will be appraised of the facilities available by joining our college and encourage such students to excel in their respective chosen areas.

            To achieve excellence, they are provided with good training facilities with required equipments like tracksuit, spikes, bats, racquets etc. They are offered fee concession; cash incentives, achievers will be honored on the Sports Day Celebration, where dignitaries will be present. Our management is very liberal in offering all the required assistance.

            Intra-mural competitions will be conducted between all the classes, as a part of Republic Day celebrations and Annual Sports Day will be celebrated and all the students will be involved.

            Our staff-members will also actively participate in these events conducted for them.

Indoor Facility: - Our College have a large auditorium and separate hall for Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and Chinese Checker etc.

Outdoor Facilities:- We have a M.O.U with our sister institution L.V.D College for Track and Field events and we also co-ordinate with the officials for coaching and guidance to our students when need arises.

            Students also participate in yoga training. Our college has a large list of 70 University Blues. They brought laurel to our college by representing in various inter Universities and state level meets and won prizes.