SOMA SUBHADRAMMA RAMAN GOUD WOMEN’S COLLEGE, was started by the Samsthe in June 1970 to promote women’s higher education in the notified backward districts like Raichur. Thanks to the munificent donation offered by Smt. Subhadramma Raman Goud in whose name the college is christened. The management of the college is vested in the hands of Managing Committee constituted by Taranath Shikshana Samsthe - apex body, founded by the Late Pandit Taranath. Until the establishment of Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, the college was affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad. Later on with the establishment of Gulbarga University, Gulbarga its affiliation, shifted to Gulbarga University. The college was one of the permanently affiliated colleges of Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. However, at present the college is affiliated to Akkamahadevi Women University, Vijayapura, formed exclusively for women’s education as per the Karnataka University (Amendments) Act 2003.

S.S.R.G. Women’s College, since its establishment has been following and practicing its philosophy which is engraved in the college emblem viz; “Asatoma Sadgamaya” which means towards truth from untruth. In this august educational institution everyone is inspired to work with total commitment and conviction. The college is housed in a sprawling building with an Auditorium, a Computer Lab, a well stacked computerized library and other infrastructural facilities spread over 1.2 acres of land, conducive for academic activities. It is one of the reputed and well-established women’s colleges of this educationally backward Hyderabad Karnataka area. It has got excellent academic achievements to its credit. So far the college has secured staggering number of 38 ranks and couple of gold medals, at University and State level and carved a niche for itself in the arena of education. This hall mark of success constitutes mute testimony to the academic excellence. It has also produced a considerable number of University Blues; thereby it is proved that it is an “Ideal Womens’ College” to groom the overall personality of women-folk. In order to cater to the needs of market and providing more job opportunities, the college has started a new stream of Career Oriented programmes sponsored by the UGC.

The college is steered by a committed managing committee, assisted by dynamic Principal and a band of dedicated and highly qualified teachers. It enjoys the facility of having a good office, a hygienic canteen and a spacious waiting room. All these facilities create a rich ambience for effective learning. The college offers incompatible with the market requirements the novel courses like BSW, in addition to BA and B.Com.


Taranath Shikshana Samsthe, one of the premier educational institutions of Hyderabad Karnataka area was originally registered as “Raichur Education Society” –under the Hyderabad Society Registration Act. This noble society was founded by the well known patriot and great social reformer -Late Pandit Taranath so as to provide need based quality education at affordable fees to the people of this educationally backward area. To pay rich tributes to this great soul and to commemorate his noble deeds the Samsthe was later on renamed after him. The Samsthe is under the stewardship of Sri. Parasmal Sukhani - President - a noted industrialist and an ardent educationist and Sri.M. Nagaraj- General Secretary –a noted advocate. It owns and manages a cluster of educational institutes in Raichur City, catering to the growing educational needs of people of this area.

N.S.S: The College N.S.S unit has strength of 100 volunteers. The unit undertakes socio-economic and health-care activities in slum and rural areas independently and also in collaboration with GO’s and NGO’s. It also conducts special camps in the adopted villages to create awareness among villagers about AIDS and other chronic health related problems. All these activities are conducted every now and then to inculcate in the students, time and again the sense of societal obligations.

N.C.C : The college has an N.C.C unit, having a strength of 52 cadets. The unit is steered by a trained N.C.C Women officer. Often, the Unit undertakes societal activities either independently or in collaboration with the N.G.O’s to promote certain schemes like Aids awareness etc. It inculcates in the students, certain iconic qualities like: sense of discipline, national spirit and community service. The students in the long run may acquaint with the warranted leadership qualities needed to steer the economy on par with their counterparts.

SPORTS AND GAMES: The College has a compact play ground for out-door games. It also has a spacious auditorium for indoor-games such as shuttle, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess etc. The college gives due importance to sports & games, along with the quintessential curricular aspects keeping in mind the alround development of students. It is not an exaggeration, if we say that the students of our college have excelled in sports and games and have earned laurels many times at the University, Inter-University, State and National level sports events. So far the college has brought out a staggering number of University Blues, found seldom elsewhere. This indicates that the college strives hard since its inception to promote sports and games keeping in mind not only the balanced growth of students and also make them vibrant trendsetters.

LIBRARY: The College has a well stacked and spacious library building. It has more than 27,245 books on varied subjects including a set of Encyclopedia Britannica and Encyclopedia of social sciences. The well illuminated library with sufficient space for mobility constitutes a hub of information centre catering to the needs of students and the staff. The college reading room attached to the library subscribes to a number of dailies, weeklies and periodicals in the field of social sciences and linguistics to promote reading habit among the students and to reinforce them in General Knowledge and Current Affairs. In order to keep pace with the technological revolution in global scenario, the college library on a par with the best library culture else where, computerized recently. The calm and serene environment of the library plays a vital role in educating the students in diverse fields.

LANGUAGE - LAB : Communication competence is given due importance in the job market along with the basic requirements. Keeping in mind the growing needs of communication skill in the corporate circle and elsewhere, the college has set up well-equipped modern lab to hone the communication skill of the students. It has been embedded with 20 systems, LCD and other paraphernalia needed to supplement the pedagogy in the lab.

PLACEMENTS CELL :- The college has come out with the novel idea of placement provision to meritorious and deserving students. For this, often the college invites potential employers like companies, including banking sectors to the campus for the necessary recruitment and selection. So far, the college has placed as many as students-including 5 in Vijaya Bank, 1 in Axis Bank and the others in some of the blue chip corporate sectors like HP, TCS, HDFC, etc., In order to facilitate the placement, the students are provided with the basic skills like computer knowledge, communicative skill and the knowledge of corporate culture.

COMPUTER LAB: Computer education has become integral part of learning and a buzz word in the changed global scenario. The height of its importance has gone up to such a level that in its absence education is almost incomplete. Realizing the need of the hour, the college started to offer computer education through well equipped lab and competent teaching faculty. In addition to theoretical coaching, hand on practical training is imparted to the students to equip them to be better compatible in the job market. The lab does have in all 18 systems.

The college offered itself to NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) assessment in the year 2012 to secure the quality tag and was accredited with “B” Grade at national level. The Grade speaks voluminously about the quality of pedagogical activities being conducted in the college. It is our endeavor to be “better than the best” in the field of education.

TEACHING FACULTY: Brick & Mortar and the other paraphernalia infrastructural facilities of the college create congenial atmosphere for academic activities. However, teaching staff constitutes an integral part of teaching-learning process. The teaching staff of the college consists of highly qualified and well experienced- in the chosen field of their own. Every teacher of the college works with mentorship attitude.


1. Admissions are made after screening their performance in the previous exams together with a personal interview to check the aptitude of the students.
2. Prospectus and application forms should be obtained from the college office on payment of Rs 100.
3. The college working hours are from 10:00 am to 5-00 pm on all working days. On Saturdays it is from 10:00 am to 2 pm
4. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
5. Every student shall participate in N.S.S., N.C.C., Games & Sports and other cultural programmes
6. Employees are not admitted for study without the prior permission of their employers.
7. The students are required to put in 75% of attendance in each subject to be eligible to appear for the qualifying examination.
8. All students seeking admission to the college are required to abide by the rules of discipline and other regulations in respect of curricular and co-curricular activities conducted by the college and the university from time to time.
9. In case of languages there should be a minimum strength of 5 students, if languages are one of the optional subjects.
10. Application forms duly filled-in must be submitted along with the following certificates (original with three Xerox copies) at the college office during working hours and days:
a) Marks statement
b) Transfer certificate
c) Conduct certificate
d) Eligibility certificate
e) Migration certificate (for students of other states and universities)
f) 4 copies of recent passport size photos


1. Eligibility: The following candidates shall be eligible for admission to first year B.A / B.Com / B.S.W degree courses.
a) A candidate who has passed the two years pre-University examination of the Karnataka State or any other examination considered as equivalent there to.
b) A candidate who has passed the two year job Oriented Pre-University Diploma Examination conducted by the Directorate of Vocational Education - Government of Karnataka.
c) A candidate who has passed the Diploma Course in Commercial Practice/Secretarial Practice examination conducted by the Board of Technical Education - Govt. of Karnataka.

2. Duration of the Course - The course of study of B.A./B.Com./B.S.W. degree shall be over a period of three years spread over six semesters.
3. Eligibility for carry over benefit: As notified by the University from time to time.

4. Course of study : B.A. (Three years course under semester system)
The course of study shall consist of the following.

Part I:
Basic English is compulsory and the student can choose any one of the Modern Indian Languages.
Part II:
Prescribed number of papers, of equal standard as notified by the university from time to time.

5. The following are subjects of study permitted under part – I & II:

B.A First Semester to Fourth Semester:

Part I:
Basic English is compulsory and the student can choose any one of the Modern Indian Languages. (Kannada/Urdu/Hindi)
Part II: (Optional) any three: a) Kannada b) Hindi c) Urdu
d) Economics e) Sociology f) Pol.-Science g) History

B.A Fifth & Sixth Semester
Any one language and other papers as notified by the university from time to time.
Note: Only a set of combinations will be allowed depending on the strength of the students for each combination.

Course of Study : B.Com. (Three years Course spread over sixth semesters):
B.Com First & Second Semesters:
Part I:
Basic English is compulsory and the student can choose any one of the Modern Indian Languages. (Kannada/Urdu/Hindi/Additional English)
Part II:
Prescribed number of papers, of equal standard as notified by the university from time to time.

B.Com Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Semesters:
Prescribed number of papers, of equal standard as notified by the university from time to time including Computer Applications in Business.

Course of Study : B.S.W. (Three years course spread over six semesters):
B.S.W. First and Second Semesters:
Part I:
Basic English is compulsory and the student can choose any one of the Modern Indian Languages.
Part II:
Prescribed number of papers, of equal standard as notified by the university from time to time.

B.S.W. Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Semesters:
Prescribed number of papers, of equal standard as notified by the university from time to time.

Details of Fees:

Fees as prescribed by the Government/University and the Management from time to time will be notified. For more details, please contact the Principal /Office, during working hours of the college.


The following scholarships are awarded to eligible students
1) Govt.of India Scholarship for SC & ST Students and Government of Karnataka Scholarship for other Backward Classes.
2) Post-Matric scholarship.
3) Scholarship to the children of Ex-service men.
4) Urdu Academy scholarship.
5) Scholarship for the physically handicapped students.
6) Sitaram Jindal foundation scholarship .
7) Sanchi Honnamma scholarship.
8) Minority scholarship.
Applications for the above mentioned scholarships should be made only in the prescribed printed forms which are available in the office. On demand such applications will be issued free of cost.

Procedure for claiming fee concessions:

Fee concessions can be claimed by the SC/ST/Backward community and special group students in accordance with the government rules in force. Students claiming fee concessions should produce original income certificates duly verified along with the required documents, failing which they must pay fees to the college.


Application for any certificate shall be made in writing to the principal giving information about Reg. No. Class, Year of study and Present Address. A duplicate copy of any certificate except T.C. will be charged Rs. 50/-.


The T.C will be issued only to the principal of the college, in which the candidate wishes to join as per the rules of the Akkamahadevi Women University, Vijayapura, after paying the prescribed fees.


On all working days : - From 10-00 am to 5-00 pm
On Saturdays : - From 10-00 am to 2-00 pm